Authorial Platform

Approach, Interests, Methodology and Style

As a special form of creative thinking for narrative construction, writing is essential for my work. It is motivated by my interests, insights and impressions of artistic and cultural phenomena, and it is focused on the conceptual, cognitive, technological, poetic and political aspects of visual arts, new media, digital art and digital culture. My writing methodology is the interrelation of interdisciplinary research, artistic practice, inquiry and critical reflection, and I strive for the simplicity and clarity of classic style.

Language and Theoretical Discourse

Language is a powerful relational tool for building knowledge, experiences and beliefs but it is not omnipotent or absolutely dependable. Its limitations manifest through the discrepancy between the direct experience which is continual and heterogeneous, and the semantic systems which are discreet, homogenous and require intelligent interpretation. And although the theoretical discourse about the arts is therefore relative, conditional and often unreliable, its meanings are not infinitely malleable or arbitrary. The key poetic factors of the arts are universal since they emerge from the evolution of human nature and culture, so they can be addressed rationally and evaluated objectively. These linguistic peculiarities require responsibility and vigilance from both the writer and the reader.