Artist Statement

Interests and Approach

My initial professional training was in engineering, from which I transitioned into traditional fine art disciplines (drawing and painting). Having to fight my socioeconomic context to earn the right for that transition, I learned both to appreciate the privileges and to respect the responsibilities of being an artist.

From the exploration of the conceptual, methodological and technological potentials of drawing and painting, my practice has evolved into transdisciplinary artistic work in experimental and new media, combined with theoretical research and teaching focused on new media, interactive and generative art.

My current interests are in the perceptive, cognitive and cultural aspects of media phenomenology, and on the various ways of the constitution, representation and interpretation of the individual notion of reality in the symbolic and narrative structures. They have been primarily informed by the insights in physics, biology, evolutionary psychology and cognitive sciences.

My approach to art is conceptual and performative. It is motivated by the need for learning, for self-transformation and for overcoming the personal limitations and restraints through creative process. I am passionate about human invention and creativity emerging in all the arts, sciences, technology and everyday life.

Production, Methodology and Style

In production I combine interdisciplinary research, media experiments and generative procedures. My working methodology is based on the principles of reduction, clarification and optimization in making compact, efficient projects and presenting them concisely. I consider the technical knowledge and skills as the prerequisites for a proper realization of artistic ideas, and I relate with the digital technology through critical understanding and challenging its creative potentials, (ideo)logical imperatives, shortcomings and contradictions. Starting with myself, I try to be open for identifying and critically assessing the human fallacies, biases and weaknesses that manifest in all human affairs including the arts, science, technology and culture in general.

My work is stylistically open, with no ambition for creating a monolithic and recognizable poetic identity. The accent is on both the intuitive and rational play with the challenges of my imagination, inventiveness, flexibility and sense of humor.

Appreciation of Art

Although the epistemological and political impact of contemporary art is marginal, I believe that it should always question and interrogate the relevant aspects of human experience, knowledge, notions and relations, and offer that questioning to the audience in an intelligent, straightforward and unpretentious way.

Life itself is far more interesting than the arts or any other isolated realm of human experience, but the arts refreshe that simple insight by inspiring our specifically human need to transcend our circumstances.